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What is WORDPRESS ??

WordPress is software which is used to create websites including blogs.  The word “Blog” stands for Weblog or Web Log and means a diary or chronicle of personal events or of other sequentially dated content.  Click here  for Techopedia’s definition of a BLOG.

The emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the advent of web publishing tools that facilitated the posting of content by non-technical users who did not have much experience with HTML or computer programming.   From Wikipedia


I have been using the FREE software from and the hosting services of the website / company, since 2012.  The software (call it WordPress) is available via the “file servers” (computers of the company which are set up to provide shared access to software).

If you set up a blog / website via you are not downloading or saving the software and running it yourself, but you are accessing the software from  This is the reason why you can’t make changes to the inner workings of your blog (i.e. add “code” or programmes) – because doing so can maliciously affect the files (if someone purposely sets out to do so or accidentally does this). is a Foundation (a legal nonprofit organisation) and a website that stores the WordPress software on its servers (computers), and that promotes the development of the WordPress software, and of associated plugins. makes its software available to to package into a “Content Management System” (CMS) which is what you set up when you register with and follow the online instructions to set up the framework for your own blog / website.

If you have never used and would like to sign up just for a User Name with  OR  to sign up for a WordPress User Name and start your own blog, please follow my instructions by clicking on the link below.

How to Sign up with


A big difference between setting up a website through or setting it up with a web hosting provider and installing the WordPress software from is that you can only use additional programmes called PLUG-INS (or plugins) such as e-commerce options (i.e. an online store), forums, calendars, events and advanced mailing lists, by running the WordPress software on a self-hosted site.

To elaborate –

If you download or save the WordPress software from to your computer, you will have to run those files on a suitable WEB HOSTING SERVICE which means that you will have to find a company that you pay hosting for, in order to install the WordPress software on the file servers of the hosting company.  This option will enable you to install plugins.

If you sign up for a blog / website with you don’t need to download anything.  You just follow the initial prompts to get a framework / “skeleton” for your blog or site, and you can refer to my comprehensive  GUIDELINES  on how to configure or set up your free website fully, and how to run it or maintain it.

Having said the above, if you sign up for a Business Plan with the Automattic company will then “tweak” or change your access to their files, and you will be allowed to run plug-ins on your site, but this option costs a fortune,  compared to using a web hosting provider like Bluehost, so  instead you should consider finding a web hosting provider which will let you install the WordPress software, and should download the WordPress software from if you really need plug-ins or advanced customisation of your site.  Going with self-hosting and using software downloaded from will give you plugins and more control over customisation of your site.

Having a FREE website with means a limited colour scheme and limited customisation, but you can still set up and run a beautiful blog or website.


See  here for a detailed explanation of versus

When you hear someone talk about a “self-hosted site” or a “self-hosted WordPress site” what it usually means is not that the person who has this type of website is literally hosting her files herself on her own computer server, but that they have arranged for a web hosting provider to host the software and associated files (i.e. the images and blog content that you create).  When you use it is the company that hosts your software files for free.

Things are further confused when some people recommend that you go with” because provides the WordPress software not web hosting.  If you want a WordPress self-hosted website or blog, it would be best to start with, or go with a web hosting company such as Bluehost, which hosts WordPress software.  The hosting company will guide you through downloading and installing the WordPress software on their file servers, of which ostensibly you are hiring space on their servers.

If you are interested in the paid Plans (which provide benefits that are not available when running a free WordPress blog) click  here .

For $30 AUD by Paypal I can set aside the time to consult with you and help you set up your own free WordPress blog. Contact me with your ideas:

For tips and useful information about using WordPress, follow my WordPress Guidelines blog  HERE .

 You may see advertisements on this blog.  This is because this blog uses the free platform.  If you don’t like the ads, just brush them away like you would with an annoying bug.

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