Looking for new bloggers to review my Guidelines

Hi, are you new to the free WordPress.com services?  Do you want clear step by step instructions on how to set up and run a FREE WordPress blog?  If YES, consider requesting and using my 75 page Guidelines, in return for an honest evaluation or testimonial about the guidelines.

Click here to read the Table of Contents.  The Guidelines are PDF and 3.11 MB in size.

The first FIVE people with a new blog (in accordance with WordPress.com terms, e.g. no inflammatory or illegal content) who fills in the form below, and who promises to email me about the usefulness of the Guidelines, will be emailed a PDF copy of my Guidelines.

I have been using the WordPress.com services since 2012 and currently run 8 active WordPress blogs.  Most of the information on the internet is for self-hosted blogs using the WordPress software downloaded from WordPress.org and there is a lot of confusion around WordPress.com versus WordPress.org.

What is WordPress.com and What is WordPress.org? Click here

If you don’t want to use “plug-ins” i.e. additional programmes for additional functions, such as an online shop, an extensive automated mailing list, a forum or an events calendar, it’s perfectly okay to use WordPress.com’s service to run a free blog.

WordPress.com offers several paid Plans, but if you don’t mind your blog posts having adverts at the bottom of your posts, you can go with the free Plan.  Differences between the Plans can be found here.

As the Guidelines are aimed toward people new to a WordPress.com blog, a complimentary (FREE) copy of the Guidelines are only available to the first 5 people who fill out the form below and who have signed up with WordPress.com no more than 6 months ago OR consider themselves new to WordPress and who want the Guidelines in order to set up and run their own blog (not to plagiarise the instructions or distribute them as their own).

Please complete the Form below if you want the guidelines & qualify


I will email you the Guidelines within 24 hours, and in return please use the Guidelines for yourself, but do NOT give them to anyone else (as your copy is a complimentary free copy just for you); and as soon as you can, please email me your Review of the Guidelines.


You may see advertisements on this blog.  This is because this blog uses the free WordPress.com platform.  If you don’t like the ads, just brush them away like you would with an annoying bug.


Your Feedback is Welcome

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