WordPress Wizards

To be successful at being a WordPress Wizard with a free WordPress.com Blog, I have discovered that I need to:

  • Be Patient
  • Be Organised
  • Have a love of sharing
  • Love to use WordPress
  • Love things to blog about and have many interests
  • Be open to whatever happens & not get upset if my blog has no visitors
  • Have Fun
  • Collaborate with other bloggers
  • Search for, explore and Comment upon and Like other Blogs
  • Learn from experienced bloggers
  • Give myself time to blog
  • Research how to blog
  • Dance a little
  • Market my blog
  • Think
  • Laugh
  • Keep Learning …….


If you are new to WordPress.com here are

Real Tips from a Real WordPress.com Blogger

pointingUse JPG images in your Blog Posts and Pages, not PNG images.

pointingIf you don’t want spammers posting Comments on your images, remove the ability to comment on individual images –  read the marathon instruction  here  .

pointingUse of images is really important.  Link your images to Media Files (unless you are a business and / or a programmer and really know what’s what i.e. how to use the other Settings for media files / images in your blog).  Do this via creating or editing your Blog Post or Page via the WP Admin Dashboard, accessed by adding wp-admin to the end of the URL of your blog.  An example is shown below (with spaces in it purposely so it is not clickable).

https : / /  wordpresscomhelp.wordpress.com/wp-admin

If your Post or Page already exists, edit or update it, by clicking on Posts or Pages in your black WP admin dashboard, hover your mouse over a Post or Page title then click on Edit. Find the first image in the post. Click on it then click on the pencil icon / Edit function, select Media File in the box “Link To”.  You can change the image size that will appear in your Post or Page, if you like.  Clicking on the small image below will result in the image displaying n full size, separately from this page you are reading.  This is what linking to a Media file does – opens the image in a new or separate tab and displays it full size.

You can add a border to your image, if you like, by scrolling down the editing screen (shown below) and typing in 3 or another number next to Image Border under Width.  Click in the white box under Color to select a color for your image border, if you like.  This makes certain images look professional because they then stand out clearly and crisply, with a nice border around them.

After you have made all your changes, click on Update.

NOTE:  these settings cannot be done from the blue dashboard.

image details

pointing Really understand:

How MENUS work and

What the different components of the various Lay-outs  for a WordPress blog are.

Note there are many combinations using different Page Templates / Post Formats / Sidebars / Footers / Headers / Social Media Menus / Featured Front pages (with one or more sections) / Featured Posts / Featured Prompts / Image Galleries.  You will become acquainted with these elements by  reading the WordPress Guidelines and by looking at other blogs and contacting bloggers to ask questions.  My Guidelines provide a lot of handy tips.

pointing Reduce SPAM by Comment Moderation – requiring Commenters to fill out their name and email address (as many people are genuine and having to provide an Email address prompts genuine comments rather a person using a false email), OR requiring people to be registered with WordPress and signed into WordPress, in order to leave a Comment.  Instructions on this are in the WordPress Guidelines.

pointingMarket or share your blog – link it to a Facebook Page, a Twitter page or to Pinterest.  There are many other social media outlets also, e.g. Mix, Flipboard and Instagram.

Click here for information on connecting your blog to a social media page.

Click here for information on setting up your Gravatar with your websites linked to it, to maximise visits to your Blog, as when you Comment on a blog post or page, your Gravatar appears by your Username, which people can click on to see your full profile.



You may see advertisements on this blog.  This is because this blog uses the free WordPress.com platform.  If you don’t like the ads, just brush them away like you would with an annoying bug


Your Feedback is Welcome

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