Blogging Tippers

Sharing tips for blogging from independent WordPress bloggers around the World.  I am including services that ask for a small energy exchange (payment) because I truly believe that giving back for the time and effort (and knowledge & expertise) of others is a reciprocal action, that all benefit from.  This page aims to support & promote the perhaps less known providers of blogging tips and support.


What do you see in the WordPress Guidelines by Celine?

Collaborating with the smaller or less known Bloggers whom share tips for blogging, or provide great services or products for successfully running a site



Gerald Pilcher – WordPress basic video tutorial

(scroll down Gerald’s page to find the video above, also he has resources for running a business on a self-hosted WordPress site, if you want to move to “self-hosting” or start off with a self-hosted website / blog using the WordPress software; or run your own website with a hosting service provider and code your site yourself.  For information about Gerald, here is the link to Gerald Pilcher’s Blog – )

Hugh’s Views and News – Blogging tips

New Lune – blogging tips

Wolfe Butler –  Tale of a new blogger







“Learning is a Life-long process”

You may see advertisements on this blog.  This is because this blog uses the free platform.  If you don’t like the ads, just brush them away like you would with an annoying bug

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