What’s on this site?

If you are completely new to setting up a free blog with WordPress.com, you can save the 2018 WordPress Guidelines to your computer (PDF document) to easily refer to, to understand how to work with the WordPress software.

The Guidelines provide one comprehensive document, and the Table of Contents and steps on how to get it can be found at this page here .

This site aims to assist bloggers who are new to the WordPress.com platform, via the WordPress Guidelines and by the blog posts and pages of information on this site WordPress Beginners.

There is a ton of information scattered around the internet about WordPress, most of it on how to set up and run a self-hosted blog or site using the WordPress software from WordPress.org (often erroneously referred to as setting up a WordPress.org blog, but a self-hosted blog only uses software from the WordPress.org website and otherwise has nothing to do with WordPress, and should NOT be referred to as a WordPress site with WordPress.org but should be called a self-hosted site using WordPress).

Here are some links, for quick access, to topics or issues which may be of most interest to readers.

Important steps when setting up your blog

WordPress Paid Plans

WordPress Simple Payments

WordPress Themes

Themes, Themes themes

WordPress.com versus  WordPress.org

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